Tuesday, December 21, 2021

9 Winter Natural Haircare Tips

                                                  The harsh winter air can make your hair

 dry and brittle if not properly taken care of . 
Here are some of my tips that will help you through winter 
to keep your hair soft and moisturized 

1. Drink Water
Drinking water will always be great for your body and hair all year round 
2. Deep Condition 
To restore your hair deep conditioning your hair at least once a week will help your hair keep its moisture 
3.  Moisturize Your Scalp
Massage your scalp with oil  
4. Protective Styles 
A great protective style will allow you to leave your hair alone and limited manipulation to your hair 
5. Hot Oil Treatment 
Once a week 
6. No Wash N Go
7. Silk Scarf
Protect your hair from breakage from the pillowcase
8. Healthy Diet 
What your put in your body will affect your hair . Healthy eating will show in hair growth 
9. No Shower Cap
Allow the steam to loosen your coil but don't drench your hair .

What are some things you do to protect your hair

Brittany Morgan 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Thursday Thoughts: Mourning A Childhood Dream

The topic of marriage has come up in my current relationship, but I can't help but get sad sometimes.
I'm not sad about marrying the love of my life.
 I'm sad because I'm mourning the dream I had when I was a little girl.
 Growing up I always imagined planning my wedding with my mom and family.
 The planning , the dress shopping and etc.
 I wanted my family there every step of the way.
 I feel cheated at times that I no longer have that family to do things with anymore.
 I won't allow the dark cloud ruin these beautiful moment for me.
 I've created this amazing family with people I've invited in my life

9 Winter Natural Haircare Tips

                                                   The harsh winter air can make your hair  dry and brittle if not properly taken care of . ...